Using Guayadeque

File Browser

Guayadeque Player File Browser

The file browser gives you a tree view of your music collection. From the context menu you can play, enqueue, or do most of the other things you would from the Library only that instead of albums you are using folders.You can also rename, move and delete files or folders or create new ones. At the bottom of the directory the three different icons give you the choice to toggle between displaying only recording location, only podcast location, only music directory or the whole file system.

If you want to rename files according to your tags you can use the file renaming tool. For this you need to select, from the files panel, the directory or files to rename, right click and select ‘Rename files’. You will get a windows like this

Guayadeque Player File Renamer

There you can specify the new name as a pattern using the track tags. Using this tool you will not loose your ratings, play counts or labels (you do if you move or rename the files with an external program), thus it is the recommended way to move music in Guayadeque.


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