Listen to youtube albums
  • Hi, I think this could be a great idea and probably a unique feature (haven't found in any other mediaplayer)

    Especially for new or famous albums it is possible to find all the tracks uploaded in youtube. What about add a feature which can create albums in guayadeque using the audio tracks of these videos? There are a lot of programs which can download only the audio track.

    Maybe there could be an option to let decide if user wants to download the tracks or listen theme in streaming.

    Of course a tool to direct search youtube for songs could be integrated too.

    If this seems interesting I can add it to ideatorrent.
  • The idea is interesting and I know that anonbeat would like to add youtube, grooveshark, soundclould, etc as sources at some point.

    Some time ago I was showing Guayadeque to a friend. He liked it, specially the tab where you could listen to related songs. But he told me that he does care anymore to have a local collection of music, he just creates playlists in youtube that he can access anywhere and he can find most of the music he wants. He told me that a killer feature for him would be if you could listen to the audio of the youtube videos.

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